Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Final Product

Finally, I have finished my animation!!!

Here it is:

In conclusion, I would like to say this is probably the most time consuming and stressful thing I have ever participated in my life, and I would like to thank family and friends for sticking by me, and the staff at Southampton Solent for their assistance.

Considering the late nights, lack of sleep, malnutrition and stress, I have enjoyed this very much, and I am pleased with the results. Things can always be better in terms of the animation, but if I was to make the perfect film, I would probably be spending the whole of eternity on the project.

Despite all these things, I still want a career in animation, and I intend to achieve this one day...

Here's the animation on

Hide and Seek from Nick Christian on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Catch up!!!

It's been awhile since I have updated, but I have two new animatics to show work of progress, plus also I have contacted a composer, Lee Miller, who has produced the score for my piece, and it works better than I had hoped.

Here's the first animatic:

You can see in the above link, that I have animated all the characters within the animation, plus I have added Jack and the Bear to the moving train and bi-planes, by using them as materials on planes in 3ds Max, attached to the objects.

Here is the other link:

In the latest animatic, I have changed the majority of the backgrounds, and added some shading. I just have a few more minor things to tweak, and it's all done.

My next post will be my finished product! Yay!!!

MILLER, L., 2010. Lee Miller [online]. Avaialble at: [Accessed 4 May 2010].

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A New Hide and Seek animatic....!

For the past few weeks, I have been animating, and making a few changes. As you can see in the above animatic, I have inked and coloured some of the animations, but I have also changed the beginning and the end of the piece.

To add more drama, I adjusted the beginning by making the shadow creatures take on their real teenage bullies! This I thought was a better way of telling the story, but it also meant more animation on my part, for example, three different walk cycles for the bullies.

For the finale of the film, instead of having Jack being pummeled by rocks, I brought the shadowy creatures into the dream world, invading the pirate ship, and also Jack's fantasy!!!

By using 3d animation in the 2d world, it made me think about changing my aesthetic. The 3d animations don't seem to fit wholly into the 2d world, but I liked them so much, I have decided to change the backgrounds instead.

There is evidence of a change in the above animatic, with some backgrounds having a more '3d' look to them, in this way I mean no black outlines. I have achieved this by using my original backgrounds and manipulating them via Photoshop, instead of re-creating them in 3ds Max.

It will be time consuming, but I feel the animation will look alot nicer with this newer aesthetic.

Also, you may have noticed the music has changed, but that is only because I'm actually going to contact a composer to produce a score for my piece. As much as Path and Bring Me to Life are good songs, they do not help my story along as much as I would there is the issue of copyright, that is why for now, they are only placeholders.

APOCALYPTICA, 2000. Path. Cult. CD. Mercury/Universal

EVANESCENCE, 2003. Bring Me to Life. Fallen. CD.HOLLYWOOD: Wind Up

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Latest Animatic

Below is the link to the latest animatic.

I have changed a few things, such as the shot order, plus the tree is no longer dead and rotting in the fantasy world, it is a green tree with a rope swing attached to it.

Also to note, I have included some aspects of 3d animation into the dream world.

Originally, I was having difficulty animating the train and the carousel moving via hand drawings. It was too time consuming, and it was annoying spending hours trying to get the perspective right.

To this end, all things mechanical in the 2d world, were animated with the use of 3ds Max. First, I created the structures, then to give them that cartoon feel, I set self illumination to 100%, then adjusted the falloff for each material.

Hope you enjoy:

Also, some of you may have noticed, in this animatic I have made a reference to a film...a classic starring Tom Hanks.

Here's a clue:

This scene from Big helped me to animate Jack moving along the piano keys.

Big, 1988. Film. Directed by Penny MARSHALL. USA: 20th Century Fox

Line Tests

video video video video video video video video video video video video video

I have begun animating, and have started with basic line testing, which I will incorporate into a newer animatic, to see how it all plays out.

For assistance with certain animation elements, I used three books as reference. These were The Animator's Survival Kit, Animals in Motion, and The Human Figure in Motion.

For the dinosaur walk cycle, I based it on an elephant's walk:

MUYBRIDGE, E., 1957. Animals in Motion. USA: Dover Publications.

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WILLIAMS, R., 2001. The Animator's Survival Kit. LONDON: Faber and Faber Inc.

Friday, 22 January 2010

What!? Another animatic???

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Coloured backgrounds

These are a few of the 2D backgrounds coloured. I am quite happy with how they have turned out, but I will make some changes here and then...
Unfortunately, not all the backgrounds are finished yet, though most are nearly there. I believe I may have spent too much time on 3Ds Max, and I'm not the most skilled at the program.
Despite this, I am still happy with all my backgrounds, though they are still not completed yet. Most of the 2D backgrounds will be created in layers, so I can produce some 2.5 moving backgrounds for the animation.